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Release Log

Version 1.3 Release Date - 29th Dec 2020

Kanban Board added
Kanban integrated with Gantt chart, Calendar, requirements
Search filter added in Kanban to search cards by Full Name and Priority
Sorting support added for Kanban columns
Gantt chart bug fixed

Version 1.2 Release Date - 11th Dec 2020

Auto generate gantt chart from requirements
Create requirements from Gantt chart
Gantt chart, Calendar, and requirements fully integrated
Filters added on summary screen to filter by due date
Search filter added on Gantt chart to filter tasks
Full screen support added to Gantt chart

Version 1.1 Release Date - 10th Oct 2020

Search bar added on summary screen
Quick report to view priority from summary screen
Added support so archived guests can no longer login
Archived guests can be re-activated with a click on a button
Backend updates

Version 1.0 Release Date - 01 Sept 2020

Lots of new additions to make your life easy.
Artefact count added on each tile
Strong password for invited users
More security controls added

Version 1.0 Beta Release Date - 20th June 2020

Export requirements to CSV Filter requirements by Category and Assigned user
Organisation chart bug fixed
Summary screen save button bug fixed
Other minor bug fixes

Version 0.7 Release Date - 15th April 2020

Recaptcha support added Verification code support added
Resend code
Organisation chart bug fixed
Summary screen save button bug fixed

Version 0.6 Release Date - 01 April 2020

Diagram support added to requirement and project Excel minimum rows columns changed
Minor bug fixes

Version 0.5 Release Date - 15th March 2020

Create spaces
Gantt chart
Organisation structure diagram for each space
User invitations support
Risk Management
Requirement detail view

New in Release 1.3

Main feature

Kanban board added

What's new?

Projetify's version 1.3 release comes packed with many enhancements. Refer to the release log for past releases.


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