What is it used for?

A space is like a container. A space could be a project, a container for your documents, diagrams, tasks, a feature list, or all of the above.

Jenny creates a new space called "Features"
Required Access

Administrator can create a new space

Users can perform all actions on a space except creating a new space

Jenny then invites other users

to work in this space
Any words of advice?

Think of the project architecture

You can organise projects by spaces and categories

Jenny and the team decided they will create one space for Features, another space for Marketing, and a third space for User Testing

So how did Jenny create a space?

To create a space
  • Click on Space

  • Enter a name

  • Click Add

  • Yes, that's it!

Other Users

Can Mike, Simon, Helen, and Megan see this space?

Who can see it?

As Jenny has not yet invited any other user, so no one other than Jenny can see this space.

More of a video person?

Watch the video to understand how to utilise spaces within Projetify.

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Hey Jenny, could you just mention some of the awesome features of spaces?

You can create the following within a space:
  • Requirements

  • Diagrams

  • Documents

  • Gantt Chart

  • Excel style sheets

  • Presentation

  • Calendar

  • Invite other guests

  • Reporting

  • Risks

  • I mean, the list is quite long to cover here...

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