What is it used for?

To invite additional users to different spaces

Jenny invites Mike to the Marketing space, Megan and Helen to Features space, and Simon to user testing space
Required Access

Administrator can invite other users

Jenny can also revoke anyone's access to a space
Any words of advice?

The total number of users in a plan includes the Administrator

Jenny's pro-five plan includes herself (Administrator) and four other users

Jenny, do you mind running us through how you added other users to different spaces?

To create a requirement
  • Select a space

  • Click on the add user symbol in the left vertical menu

  • Add as a new user or add an existing user to a space

  • Click on Invite

  • Invite is sent to the user's email address

  • Only new users receive email invite, existing users are just added to the new space

Managing Users

What if Helen leaves the team and Jenny wants to add another user in her place?

Archived and Active users

Jenny just needs to revoke Helen's access and archive her account. This will free up Helen's user license. Jenny can then add another user in Helen's place.

More of a video person?

Watch the video to understand how to invite and revoke user accounts within Projetify.

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Jenny, any additional information for the users?

Inviting and managing users

It is a breeze to manage small and large teams in Projetify, see who has access to which space, and change this as and when required.

Invite and setting up users is a breeze in Projetify!

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