What is it used for?

Gantt chart can be created against a space to create powerful scheduling and workload management for that space.

Helen who has access to the Features space creates a Gantt Chart for that space.
Required Access

Any user with access to the space can create a gantt chart for that space

Helen, Jenny, and Megan are all collaborating on the Gantt Chart in the Features space.
Any words of advice?

There are two types of Gantt charts in each space. One linked to requirements that is auto created and the other is an independent Gantt chart

The team has created a Gantt chart that shows the delivery of various requirements by both internal and external resources

So how did the team create the Gantt Chart?

To create a Gantt Chart
  • Select a space

  • Click Gantt Chart icon in the left vertical menu

  • Gantt Chart opens in a new tab

Gantt Chart Resources

Jenny has only purchased license for 5 users, but she needs to show 40 other project resources on the Gantt Chart?

Jenny has purchased Projetify's pro five for her internal team

That's not an issue. Though, only 5 of Jenny's team can use Projetify, but Jenny can create a Gantt Chart that shows any number of project resources, for example, external vendors, other teams etc. So Jenny and team can show any number of project resources in the Gantt Chart.

Auto Created Gantt Chart

Megan wants her Gantt Chart to be synced to requirements. So when she makes a change in one the other changes automatically

Megan can keep her Gantt chart synced with Calendar and requirements

For each space an additional Gantt Chart is automatically created that is synced to the due dates in the requirements. Megan can also use this Gantt Chart to create tasks straight in the Gantt Chart. Projetify automatically creates requirements from these tasks, or Megan can created requirements first and Projetify will automatically create a Gantt Chart for her. Changing one automatically changes the other.

The only caveat is that for auto generated Gantt Chart the resources are limited to 5 licensed users (as that is the plan has purchased). So this type of Gantt Chart is great if you only want to use resources based on number of licensed users.

More of a video person?

Watch the video to understand how to utilise Gantt Chart within Projetify.

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Gantt Chart in different spaces

Mike wants to create a seperate Gantt Chart in the Marketing space, can he do that?

A seperate Gantt Chart for each space

Of course, you can create a seperate Gantt Chart for each space. So Mike can go ahead and create a different Gantt Chart for his project space.


Helen, hope you enjoyed creating the Gantt chart. Could you list some cool featurs of Projetify's Gantt Chart?

Features of Gantt Chart
  • Configurable

  • Exclude or include weekends

  • Auto schedule tasks

  • Add number of project resources

  • Critical path analysis

  • Fast and responsive

  • Suited for small and large scheduling tasks

  • Can handle large amount of data, we are talking like constuction projects!

Projetify's Gantt Chart is fast and responsive, and could be used to accomplish large scheduling tasks!

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