What is it used for?

Create any number of web documents against a requirement or a space

Mike has created some design documents against each marketing requirement in the Marketing space
Required Access

Any user with access to the space can create documents

Jenny is creating documents for Features, while Mike is creating documents within Marketing space
Any words of advice?

It is best if documents sit with the requirement to which they belong

Categorise your documents wisely, as this helps with better organisation

Mike creates relevant design documents against each requirement. He has also created some design guidelines and added them to the Marketing space as they apply to all requirements

So how did Mike create a document?

To create a requirement
  • Create a requirement

  • Click on the document symbol

  • Document editor opens in a new tab

  • Create any new document by clicking on the Plus symbol

  • Edit your document and click the Save icon

  • You can change the status of the document by clicking the Meta button

  • You can check the document history by clicking the Hist button

Moving Documents

Can Jenny move documents to a different space?

Jenny is the Administrator

No, as documents are attached to a requirement, Jenny cannot just move the documents to a different space. Though, when Jenny moves a requirement it automatically moves everything that is attached to that requirement, including documents and sheets.

More of a video person?

Watch the video to understand how to utilise document feature within Projetify.

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Archiving Documents

Can Mike delete a document?

Mike is the creator of a document he wants to delete

No, once any artefact is created in Projetify, it cannot be deleted. Any artefact including documents, if they are no longer required, can be "Archived". At any future time you can view these artefacts, or un-archive them, if required.


Mike it's your turn, things you like about the documents and sheets feature in Projetify?

Features of documents and sheets
  • Give a status to a document

  • Create excel style sheets in web

  • Create status

  • Add videos and images

  • Easy to use

  • Link documents with each other

  • View history of approvals

  • Helps organise all documents against a requirement

  • Color code documents based on status

  • Full screen mode

Create web documents or excel style sheets, add videos, link documents, add drawings and images. You would never need another platform!

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