What is it used for?

Create diagrams against a requirement

Create team structures against a space

Jenny creates a team structure in Features space
Simon creates some architectural diagrams in the User Testing space
Required Access

Any user with access to the space can create diagrams

Helen is also creating diagrams in the Features space to better describe some requirements
Any words of advice?

Create diagrams against the requirement to which they belong

Create a diagram against a space that represents something about that space, for example, a team structure

Simon has created a systems diagram against the User Testing space that covers the interactions between various testing systems

Simon, how do you create a diagram?

To create a diagram
  • Create a requirement

  • Click on the diagram symbol

  • Diagram editor opens in a new tab

  • Create any diagram and label it

  • Save

  • You can load existing diagrams by clicking the Load button

More of a video person?

Watch the video to understand how to use the diagram feature within Projetify.

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Time to show you are a Projetify diagram pro. Simon, could you list some features you love?

Features of diagram
  • Visualize complex data

  • Automatic layout

  • Live diagram editor

  • Data import/export in JSON

  • High performance

  • Create diagrams

  • Venn, UML, Org Chart, Flowchart, Activity, Decision tree, Block diagram, network, brainstorming, workflows

  • Style your diagrams

  • Easy to use

  • Search shapes

  • Join shapes, provide text labels, different layouts

Our powerful diagram editor can handle from simple to complex shapes and is highly performant to handle large datasets

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